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Our teenagers (BCC Youth) meet on 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays.  The theme for our youth is “doing hard things,” meaning that we challenge them to rise above the mediocre expectations that society has for their age group by equipping them to live for the glory of God.  We teach them to study the Bible with an eye toward embracing its truths as their only defense against the lies of the culture.  Our ultimate goal is to lead them to a saving knowledge our Lord Jesus Christ and to conform their lives to His image.

We frequently offer opportunities for our youth to participate in conferences, retreats, and foreign mission trips.  The BCC Youth serve the rest of the church body as volunteers in a number of capacities.  They learn early on that they are a part of building and maintaining something bigger than themselves, the church of Jesus Christ.

In addition to our planned activities and events, the parents of our youth are very active at planning small group events for them to fellowship and deepen their relationships.