|  Bible Studies  |


On Sunday evenings, we offer a Bible study for all adults and youth.  The studies usually last 3-4 months and the topics vary, from books of the Bible, to church history, to doctrinal topics.  The Bible study time is interactive and usually involves some homework.


Our ladies meet on Thursday mornings for an inductive Bible study, usually produced by Precept Ministries, International.  These studies are open to ladies outside BCC and involve homework and in class discussion.  Childcare is provided free of charge.


Our young children (3-4 years old) are taught biblical concepts and events using age-appropriate materials from Generations of Grace.

The remainder of our children are in the Adventure Club program.  This fun, engaging curriculum teaches key biblical doctrines and concepts (systematic theology) on a three-year rotation.  Children interact with Scripture, learn songs, and memorize Bible verses for which they receive pins to place on their Adventure Club satchels. All the children are taught the same topic, but at a level appropriate for their age group (Trackers are 4-6 years old, Scouts are 7-9 years old, and Trailblazers are 10-12 years old).  A child who begins Adventure Club as a Tracker will have covered the same topic three times by the time he or she moves to BCC Youth, in greater depth with each level.